Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friendly Danes

The sailing vein continues for me and D. These folks
are all expert sailors since Denmark is surrounded by
water on 3 sides. We're in a beautiful marina in
Helsingor (Elsinore) with a direct view of Hamlet's
castle and Sweden just in sight across the water.
There are nearly a thousand boats in this marina. Our
friend's boat is very luxurious and very beautiful,
and we weren't on her for 2 seconds when the couple
behind us in a Beneteau 46, who spoke English, invited
us aboard for beers. We hung out with them for a
while, then they led us to the town's big grocery
store in their car. I continue to be impressed by the
magnanimity of the Danes. I'm almost as equally
impressed (in a different way) by the 65% income tax
the guy has to pay. Ouch.
Last night was Culture Night, and all of the
businesses were open late and municipal buildings open
for touring, etc. We visited a bunch of galleries and
tried to see where D can line up studio space. Our
Danish friend, angel that he is, talked to all the
artists for us and then reported back in English. It
was essentially a street festival, too. We had an
elaborate tour of the town hall which, since we speak
nary a word of Danish, was quite funny. I kept
giggling at inappropriate moments. We ended our
evening by walking home to the accompaniment of a
giant display of fireworks over the water.

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