Friday, October 06, 2006

Poor David Caruso

Sometimes I'm gung ho to send long emails full of all kinds of fascinating tidbits to my friends. Then I realize that it's just my mind jumping erratically, and maybe that email would be better off in life as a blog post. After all, the blog's purpose is to keep my insanity under wraps. Some of this morning's randomness:

1. Has David Caruso always sucked as an actor? Back in the day he was on NYPD Blue. He left that show after his unmet salary demands. He had superstar status in his own mind -- the nerve of him. I don't remember him stinking like a ripe cheese, though. The point is I've never watched CSI until a few weeks ago in Normandy when I caught a few episodes on tv. Good for learning French, not so good for vegging out. Seemed interesting with all the forensic science, but I only took in about 20% of the dialogue. So when D and I were sitting on the boat wishing for something mindless, CSI came to mind. I paid (idiot...) to download an episode of CSI Miami called Rio.
Mamma mia. What a stinker.
David Caruso's wooden John Wayne I'll-get-you-pilgrim delivery literally brought us to tears of laughter.
"That's right, Eric."
"We're going to get him, Eric."
"I'll leave when this is finished, Eric."
How is this show doing so well in the U.S.? Can someone explain this to me?

2. Why can't Netflix have a version of their service that's like iTunes, so I could just watch their lovely huge selection of movies on my laptop? I don't think they'll mail those little red envelopes all the way to Denmark for me. Maybe I need to suggest this to them. Someone suggested YouTube, so I'm going to check it out. I'm thinking about movies constantly because, thanks to my excellent foresight when moving, I don't have any more English books. And man, am I jonesing for English magazines.

3. I've lost interest in reading the New York Times from cover to cover. It seems much less important than it used to be.

That's enough erraticism for now.


lacyleanne said...

Vixen, aka Manon Lescaut, aka "anonymous", aka ScarlettOhaara, aka Horatio Marisol, aka who knows what else, from some obscure little berg in Austria, has posted on her fucked-up blog that in magazine Cigar Aficionado, David "confesses" that Liza is an ex-hooker, and even manages somehow to quote an old "ex-boss" of Liza's from a strip club.

I bought the magazine and CIGAR AFICIONADO'S column in fact says nothing of the sort. David speaks very highly of Liza and her healing presence in his life, as well as the other strong women in his life. Liza in fact is cultured, well-spoken, well-educated and even more, loves and takes great care of both men in her life, David and baby boy Marquez.

Vixen is a lying, conniving, fucking cunt and NO ONE SHOULD BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS about anything. I'm so, so sorry I ever gave her any credence at all!

As envious as I am that Liza is in David's bed and not me, I would never ever say the horrible things Vixen has said about these two innocent people. I wish David and Liza a long, happy, loving life together.

BOO HISS to VIXEN - rot in hell, bitch.

left by... lacyleanne at 1:30 PM

Anonymous said...

disregard she is just a loonie who likes to cut herself...